[SOLVED] 4.12e Performance Degraded from 4.12d

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I upgrade to 4.12e today and I am seeing playback performance degradation from the previous version.

M1 MacMini 16 GB of RAM

For example - 3840x1080p60 HAPQ playing out via a BMD Decklink Duo 2 - The frame rate fluctuates from 57 to 60 fps as the clip plays

3840x1080p60 ProRes 422 - Frame rate fluctuates from low 50's to 60 fps

7680 x 1080p60 - Frame rate fluctuates in the low 40's

In previous versions of Millumin all of these played back at a solid 60fps from the same machine.

From my brief testing, output as DisplayPort from the Thunderbolt 3 connection runs solidly at full frame rate.


  • Hello @JBdevice,

    We didn't change much in this area. A few questions :

    • Does the issue only happen when outputting via a Decklink ?
    • Could you check with version 4.12.d (you can download from your account page) ?
    • What is your version of macOS ? Big Sur 11.6 ?
    • What is your version of Blackmagic drivers ? Desktop Video 12.2.2 ?

    Thank you for your answers point by point. Philippe

  • Let me re-check everything.

    I will test with a show that I had previously put together and I will build a show from scratch to test.

    I will report back what I find out shortly.

  • Philippe-

    I ended up completely re-installing the MacMini via DFU.

    Everything seems to working smoothly now.


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