ATEM control


Thank you for adding ATEM control in v4 !

Is it possible to control more parameters than just preview or program inputs?

I need to control on_air buttons, and keys buttons. I can do it with AtemOSC, but now that Millumin can handle Atem directily, it would be simpler to do it all in Millumin.

Another point is that I try to control some parameters, like "Taille" (Size) of the "Motif" (Pattern). have you a plan to extand the control from v4 to all parameters of the ATEM?

thank you !



  • Hello @deuzair,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    For now, we are focused on other features, and we did not plan to add such functions to the data-track. Do not hesitate to up this thread in a few weeks.

    Best. Philippe

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