Blend mode flashing

Any idea how to fixit? Thnk.

  • Apple M1pro
  • OS Monterey 12.1


  • Hello @Senor_Nunez,

    What is your version of Millumin ? 4.12.e ?

    Be sure you have the latest and let us know if the issue persists.

    Best. Philippe

  • edited January 24

    Hi Philippe,

    I had 4.12d .... now updated 4.12e, but sometimes blend mode flashes. I tried to change the monitor refresh rate from Pro motion to 60Hz and the flickering stopped !?

    Tomorrow I'll try the Macbook external output to the projector and let you know.

    cheers. merci

  • Hi Philippe,

    I tried today output on external screen, and blend mode still flashing. The old MacPro 2015 Mojave on version 4.12.e has no problem. Problem is with M1pro.

  • Hello @Senor_Nunez,

    Thank you. We reproduced the problem under certains circumstances and we are working on it. Thank you for your patience, we will send you a special version as soon as possible.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thank you sooooo much!

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