macOS Monterrey + microphone / Orange dot fullscreen

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I have problem with a orange dot when m1 macbook with hdmi connect to led screen :(

When i connect hdmi - m1 mac book to LED screen and play my source to LED, it make Orange Dot right up place..

How can i fix it ?


  • I did do everything that i can, T_T..

    When i turn off the PC and run Millumin again, it disappears and reappears.

  • I try this at today show!!


  • Hello @DDY,

    As mentionned by @hyll, this is a "new feature" from macOS Monterrey.

    This orange dot is displayed fullscreen when a microphone is used. It means some application is recording audio from your computer, and you need to be aware about this. Of course, this is nonsense for people working in AV industry, and we sent an email too Apple to explain all this.

    Are you using your microphone with Millumin ? What feature is using it : LTC timecode, audio interaction ... ? Or are you using another application such as Zoom ?

    Best. Philippe

  • I have timecode in Mic line , so that's the reason i thought!

  • I prefer this to yellowdot.

    It works on macos ventura and sonoma.

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