Artnet Interaction Toggle vs Switch vs Linear

Hello there,

have been using Millumin for a few shows now, using a lighting desk sending Artnet to control it. So far I have been patching a single DMX channel to column to play each column with the transformer set to linear and all has worked fine. To play a video I've sent the DMX channel to full when I wanted to play the column, then in the following lighting cue set it back to zero. A couple of times I've had videos trigger when I've not set the value back to zero before triggering another value (essentially if I fade out the previous cue a column triggers as it sees a new value - i.e. 99%, 98% etc.)

I've had a look at Toggle vs Switch vs Linear.

Toggle seems to re-trigger the column (re-start the video) if you send the DMX channel at full, then zero, then full which is not what I want.

Linear and Switch seem to work as expected, with switch working more consistently.

So my question is what is the difference between linear and switch in this scenario?

Am I using the interaction/Artnet part of the software correctly, or should I be using just a single channel and setting a DMX value range to play a column (e.g. Uni 1, DMX 1 @ value 1 plays column 1 DMX 1 @ value 2 plays column 2?)

any ideas?



  • Hello @Openwhite,

    The "switch" transformer requires the signal to "switch" : I mean it should go a value above 50% then go back to a value below 50% (see the animation in the interaction between the "red" zone and "green" zone). By the way, you can adjust the "switch" point by pressing the button "calibrate".

    The "linear" simply maps the value of the signal to another scale : for example DMX 0-255 into 0-100%. I do not think this is what you need.

    I guess you should set the transformer as "(none)" : this way, every signal received triggers the interaction regardless the value (except if the value equals zero of course).

    Best. Philippe

  • Thank you Philippe, I hadn't seen there was a "none" option, I'll try that. Thank you for you swift response.

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