Adding more than 8 dmx layers slows down millumin?

Hi, I am running millumin 4.12c on a MacBook pro 2018 2.6ghz core i7. Mojave 10.14.6. 16gb ram.

I have patched 16 GLP impression x4 bar 20 to be used with pixel mapping.

I am using sACN to the Theaterlight Multiverse over 3 dmx universes.

As I understand, I am supposed to add 1 dmx layer per fixture for pixel mapping. However I noticed that after adding 8 layers, millumin starts slowing down and I see the rainbow wheel most of the time.

I am currently limiting myself to 8 dmx layers, but is this true that the more dmx layers will slow the system down?




  • Hello @kailashed,

    There is no limit, but of course, performances depends on your computer.

    A few questions :

    • Can you use Arnet instead of sACN ? Do you see a difference ?
    • If you use Millumin V3, do you see a difference ?
    • Could you send us your project (just the .millumin file) ?

    Thank you for your answers. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe,

    Thanks for the response....

    Unfortunately, I was not able to test with Artnet and Millumin V3 as I was sharing the lighting rig with another performance and did not have time to change the settings.

    However I have attached the project file.

    Some notes:

    The millumin file size is quite big. I have used shaders to be pixel mapped most of the time.

    I have 12 DMX layers. 1 for each GLP impression 20 that I was pixel mapping.

    I have turned off DMX layers 1 to 4 and only used DMX layers 5 to 12. During the performance, If I had turned on all the DMX layers, the Rainbow wheel would appear and I would not be able to control Millumin.

    I also noticed that MIllumin states that my computer is too hot: "Millumin is slowing down because your computer heat cannot be dissipated" See pic.

    However I could use all other applications on my computer when the rainbow wheel appears over Millumin.

    This is the 1st time that I am using lighting with Millumin. The performance went well with using DMX 8 layers.



  • Hello @kailashed,

    Are you sure that your shaders are not too heavy for your computer ? Do you have the problem if you play a simple media such as a "color card" ?

    Especially, the message "Millumin is slowing down because your computer heat cannot be dissipated" means that your computer's CPU or GPU is getting so hot, that the component is reducing its speed to keep a lower temperature. Are you sure that your computer's fans are not full of dust ? This may explain why it slows down at some point.

    Best. Philippe

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