How to get 2 or 3 4k 60 outputs to be frame synced.

So, simple questions is what hardware would I need to guarantee that multiple outputs sending 4k 60 that would be feeding a wide screen LED wall and all the outputs be frame synced?


  • Hello @rosigalloway,

    A MacPro 2019 with a Blackmagic Decklink 8K Pro might be a solution.

    Best. Philippe

  • I have tried the Vega 56 egpu set up and it actually works a lot of the times. I was just doing a show in Seattle and I had two mac mini 2018 and a Vega 56 housing set ups (primary and back up) hooked up to a Barco E2 and it was crazy because only with fast moving videos I was getting blend tearing from one of the two setups I had so literally we just up-lugged the cable feeds to E2 and replugged them and the blend tearing from un-synced outputs went away and it was fixed. It was almost like an edid thing but, I just don't like not knowing how that fixed it so, what is your thoughts on that?

  • Hello @rosigalloway,

    Vega 56 eGPU's outputs are not frame-sync as we described in this article. However from our experience, we managed to get synced outputs by syncing multiple FX4.

    I guess your situation with your E2 is similar : you get unsync outputs, but the E2 resyncs them, unless there is more than one frame of delay. In this case, you need to reset the outputs by disconnecting/reconnecting the cables.

    Unfortenatly, we do not know how macOS drivers and hardware are behaving in detail (this is private source code from Apple). So I could not explain in detail your situation, sorry.

    For info, Millumin sends the content to the outputs synchronously.

    Best. Philippe

  • Yeah, I know about the FX4 but, I need 4k 60 synced outputs and not 1080. I wish Millumin could utilize the Nvidia quadro cards because you can always get synced outputs with them but I guess we will see with these new M1 gpu's. Thank you for your time and feedback.

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    I mean, if you roll back to high Sierra and use Millumin V3 you can use the nvidia cards to do this. On one nvidia card I haven’t had any tearing whether on a Pascal quadro or a gtx card btwn 4 4K outs to a gen2 E2. This is why my servers will remain on high Sierra. Also why they will stay on Millumin v3 (unless Millumin decides to add non metal support in V4 for macOS 10.13 😉😉)

  • Phillipe,

    regarding your post on Jan 11:

    how did you manage to sync multiple FX4s?

    You just genlock the FX4s with a generator?

    I want to have 8 Full-HD outputs (for 8 PJ Blend).


  • Hello @alexpap88,

    Yes indeed.

    More info in this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe

  • In the tests we did with 2 FX4, an E2 and a sync generator there was still tearing once many layers, videos and shaders were playing. We built a 7680x2160 canvas with 8 HD outputs from the FX4s. Created an aux output from the E2 into a 96" monitor, you could see it was out of sync. Was much worse without the sync generator.

  • Hello @andrew,

    What was your computer : MacMini Intel with eGPU ? MacBookPro M1 Pro ?

    Are you sure your system was not overloaded (I mean the graphic card was able to render frames at a regular pace) ?

    Best. Philippe

  • I've had good experience with Mac Studio M1 Max and multiple outputs to LED processors.

    The Mac Studio does not 'framelock' multiple framebuffers/outputs, but the last few times I have used this setup, I have not seen any tearing between two outputs driving a single, large LED canvas via 2x processors, even with fast linear motion content at 60fps.

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