GLYPHEO - projecting the surtitles / seeing overview at the same time


Excuses if this discussion is out of place, but I saw a few Glypheo discussions previously and thought I might be able to get some help. disclaimer: I have very little experience with the software.

So i have a show which is being surtitled in English, but the person controlling the surtitles needs, preferably, to be able to see the overview / the main screen on their computer, while Track 1 gets fed to either a TV screen or projector.

Also ideally, the audience isn't seeing track 2 (although for now this isn't a big issue).

Is all of this actually possible with glypheo? Any advice or alternatives would be appreciated

Thanks in advance


  • Ok, I think I've found the answer to half of my question. I've made 2 panels and one has the projector as the main output, the other has no output.

    I am assuming that the answer to my other question is just in my computers configuration? I had mirroring before (not in the theatre anymore to test this)

  • Hello

    Be sure not to "mirror" your displays : so you can have a distinct display for the interface of Glypheo, and fullscreen display for your audience. See this post.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : this is a forum about Millumin, you should rather email your questions to contact / glypheo / com

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