M1 Max 32GB vs 64GB

I'm looking at purchasing two of the new M1 MacBook Pro Max machines for an upcoming show. I can't get 64GB of memory in time for the show, but I can get 32GB. Wondering if 32GB is enough. I want to be able to push 4x4k60 outputs. That's a lot but not sure how much memory it would require. Any help would be appreciated.



  • Hello @lesbrown,

    We didn't compare these models, but 64GB instead of 32GB of RAM won't make the GPU faster or ease how the GPU is pushing data through Thunderbolt outputs.

    From benchmarks, the M1 Max GPU is close to a  Radeon RX Vega 56 : this is just theory, but this is obvisouly a powerful GPU.

    However running 4 x 2160p60 outputs on a laptop is quite a lot, so I strongly suggest to test this setup before your show (unfortenatly, we didn't test so many 4K outputs with a M1 machine yet). I know that Apple is advertising about the M1 Max being able to deal with 4 x 4K displays at the same time, but they don't test with motion movies running at 60fps. Also, outputs may not be frame-sync.

    Best. Philippe

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