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I project videos with Millumin and my 2019 MacBook Pro but the sound and the image are shifted depending on the length of the cables. Since I change theaters often, what's the easiest way to sync?

For the moment I use two layers : one for the sound and one for the image. But I have to reset all my timelines each time ...

Thank you !



  • I read that the length of the cables did not change anything ...
    So I don't understand the lag (I don't have a lag on the computer)

  • Hello @gemasco,

    How do you play the audio ? If you use a sound system, you may have additional delay because of how the audio is processed through the whole system.

    As everything plays in sync on your computer, this looks like this.

    Best. Philippe

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    Hi Philippe,

    thanks for your answer

    Yes, I use my MacBook Pro + sound card + ampli + speakers + subwoofer... (I will use DI for electric security and possible buzz problems too)...

    all normal stuffs in theaters...

    I suppose everybody use the same system (for instance for show/projections on buildings), no ?

    Is there an another way to do ? Or a simple way to synchronise in Millumin ?

    How did the operators do it ?



  • Hello @gemasco,

    If you play an audiovideo file in Quicktime : do you have a delay ?

    Is the video behind the audio or the contrary ?

    Did you check that you are not adding delay in your sound system (this is sometimes used to fix video beoing behind audio) ?

    Best. Philippe

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