Mac Mini m1 vs MacBook pro 14 M1 Pro ?

Hi everybody !

I would like to know the performance difference on millumin between a Mac Mini 8Go m1 and a MacBook pro 32go M1 Pro?

Is the performance difference huge?

I use millumin for a show, and I would like to have the most fluid image as possible (I use a lot of "hap alpha" ....)

The question is, do you have to buy a computer at 3000 euros the mac mini at 600 euros is enough?

Thank's for your answers :)

That should help me so much!

It’s not really easy to understand ...


  • Hello @Fantôme,

    Yes there is an important difference in performances : from benchmarks, the M1 Pro is twice faster than the M1 (at least).

    However, the most important difference in my opinion is about displays. Indeed, the Mac Mini M1 can only manage 2 outputs (obviously one for macOS desktop, and one for the projector).

    If you need more outputs, you would need a Datapath FX4 or equivalent. Some DisplayLink hubs (such as the Plugable one) can go over this limitation, but from our experience, this is ok to add 2 x 1080p60 outputs but 4Kp60 outputs would be laggy. Another solution is to use a Thunderbolt chassis with a Blackmagic Decklink 8K Pro card.

    The MacBookPro M1 Pro/Max can manage more external outputs (2 or 4 respectively).

    In brief : it depends on your needs ... The Mac Mini M1 is a very good machine, and it may be sufficient for your projects. The best way is to rent one to check if it is ok : for example, you could buy a refurnished Mac Mini M1 on Internet. Indeed, such websites usually make you able to return the computer during 60 days (on for example).

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe !

    Thank's a lot !

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