Atem Mini Scripts with Millumin?


if we would use Millumin as a playback app for clips, stills and graphics , how can I control it from the

Computer that runs the mixer (Atem Mini)

It would be great if I could execute a script on the Atem and Millumin would start a clip in the dashboard.




  • To explain it in more detail:

    1. Millumin as HDMI input to Atem Mini
    2. If I select the input (Millumin) , The Clip in the Dashboard starts
    3. When I select any other Input (HDMI) of the Atem then Millumin hops to the next clip and waits until I select the port the Millumin is using in the Atem mini .


  • Hello @pele2010,

    I'm not aware that the Atem can execute a script or send some messages. This isn't its purpose. Maybe you can ask Blackmagic support about such a feature.

    However, Millumin V4 can control an Atem via a data-track. This would better work this way in my opinion.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hey Philippe,

    so the Atem will be controlled by the data-track.

    so the show program tells the Atem when to switch from one camera angle to the next ?



  • Hello @pele2010,

    Yes, exactly.

    Best. Philippe

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