Millumin 4, Big Sur, eGPU

Hi all,

I have MBP 13 TB 2016. I upgraded to Big Sur and Millumin 4. When I tested a big canvas (15360x1080), I see that it uses Intel GPU instead of RX Vega 56. Did I miss a setting?

Thanks, Fatih.


  • Hello @fatih,

    A few questions to better understand your situation :

    • Do you run all displays from the eGPU ? (see this post)
    • What is the codec of your movies ? H264 ? ProRes-422 ? HAP ?
    • Do you have a different behavior with Millumin V3 ?

    Best. Philippe

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    Thank you Philippe,

    Yes, I run all displays from Millumin.

    I tried with H264.

    Today I tested again both Millumin V3 and V4 with H264 and HAP again (canvas size is 4096x2160). There is no problem with HAP codec.

    V4 works with less system resources. I attached 4 screenshots for same project on V3 and V4. 1st columns has H264, 2nd columns has HAP.

    Thanks, Fatih

  • Hello @fatih,

    From what I can see, there is no difference in behavior between Millumin V3 and V4. And performances looks fine.

    macOS decodes H264 movies on the Intel GPU if there is one (to preserve resources of the main GPU) . We discussed with Apple engineers about forcing to decode H264 on eGPU, but it was not optimized at the moment (especially at high resolutions). That's why we recommend to use HAP, see this post.

    Best. Philippe

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