Control Master Parameter by OSC ? (and more)

Hello Phillipe!

First sorry for my poor english.

I wanted to control master video and audio parameter on moniter panel by OSC protocol.

So I tried find osc command about it but , I couldn/t find it on github document.

It there any solution of it?

+ When I launch columns, sometimes it looks hickup. transition is not smooth.

Is it about fire size or resolusion?

Recently I rendered my show media file with prores codec, 5K resolution, about 25gig file size.

(in millumin , 1 canvas and Split FHD 3 outputs)

And I set column transition to 2 sec, but transition is not working smooth, framerate drops, popped up 0 to 100 at a moment.

In the end, I set master video parameter to 0 , launch column first and stop it , and play, then master to 100 using my fader.

(That is main reason I want to control master parameter by OSC, I don't want to remap it in millumin every time.)

I used macbook pro 16inches (i9 , 32gb ram, 5500m vram 8g, 4tb ssd)

I tried to use other codec like HAP, but it's way more bigger file size.

So any idea of it, please let me know, I'll try.

Thank you!!


  • Hello @HWANK1M,

    You can create an interaction on these master-faders : press CMD+M, select your master-fader, send some OSC to Millumin, and an interaction will be created. More info in this tutorial.

    Regarding your second question (hickups during transitions). Please send us your project file via email, so we could understand better the situation. Also, tell us what codec you are using (ProRes-422 ? ProRes-4444 ?) and if using HAP solves the issue.

    Best. Philippe

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