Millunode with Millumin last version Beta

Hi community !

I try to use Millunode on my computer for doing some test

But everytime i choose a screen for my PC millunode Crash

Maybe you have some idea for me !

Myabe its too muchj beta beta

Maybe is hardware issue cause its optimize for nuc only ?

thx !

My Setup :

M1 apple MBP for millumin Master and Windows 10 GTX1080 ti extrem intel processor i9/9700Gen


  • Hello @Data_C0re_ ,

    Millunode is as much optimize for nuc than any other computer. So this is not the issue here.

    What are the version of Millumin 4 and Millunode you are running ? They should be the last one to run correctly.

    Also, what are the displays connected to your windows computer ?

    Sincerely your,


  • hey philippe

    are there any limitations to the number of outputs that can be controlled via millunode from one windows machine.

    for instance if i have 2-3 outputs connected to the windows machine can i map them thru millumin working on my mac ??

  • Hi Arveen,

    There is no limitation to the number of outputs on MilluNode. If your windows machine has 2-3 outputs connected, MilluNode will work with all of them.



  • thanks Elise for the update will test it out and update once get the results.


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