Audio routing - V 3.18o and Mac mini M1 - no built in output


I want audio from my video to output from my built in jack 1/8 headphone port from my Mac Mini, when i go in audio routing, there is no selection available for me to select...

is it normal?

"Plugable audio" is for an USB device, not the headphone port.

Thank you


  • Hello @domhawry,

    What is the list of the audio ouptuts in macOS System Preferences / Sound ? Do you see the headphones ?

    Millumin uses the same list to show the possible audio outputs. Often, the speakers and headphones are the same output.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi philippe,

    yes I see the headphone port in my preferences.

    I think the problem can come from the connected dock I have for multiple outputs, it also has an headphone connector, maybe it take over the mac mini one. I'll be testing it this week.


  • Hi, so I still don't see the headphone connector in my Millumin list, but when I connect it in my dock, it is working. Seems like my dock it's simply bypassing the mac mini ...

    Thank you

  • Thank you for the info.

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