Tuto for synchronize 2 machines with Chataigne


I try to synchronize 2 mac for start vidéos from the stage (in theater) with my mac to another mac. I try with this tuto but it does not work.

When I run Chataigne on slave mac and I add an OSC module (as in the tuto), in the inspector the IP of the OSC Imput is the IP my mac in slave, but no the IP of the master.

Maybe a simpler solution exists



  • Hello @jerome,

    Are you sure you are sending some OSC message from Millumin (master machine) to Chataigne (slave machine) ? If so, the OSC icon in Chataigne will blink in blue.

    If the problem persists, be sure to check the connection between 2 computers : use OSCTestApp below and test with a simple OSC message such as /action/launchNextColumn

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello,

    Thanks Philipe, it works, when I press play on my master mac, à keyframe in my OSC track send "/action/playTimeLine" to Chataigne on the slave mac. I've create a trigger (in state machine section) in Chataigne, and the trigger works. But the slave millumin don't play. An idea ?


  • Sorry it's OK. problem with 5000 input port betwin chataigne to millumin slave. I've change to 5003 and it's ok.



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