An idea : a layer for annotate the timeline


I'm work for a vidéo-concert show (playing music instrument on a film) and I'm looking for a tool for annotate the timeline.

In play situation, I need à visual indicator to remind me many things. For moment I use the keyframe, but the ideal would be to write text.

A layer for annotation in eventually planed ? or a tip with an other layer (data track for ex)



  • Hello @jerome,

    In the dashboard, you can add notes (edit the board with CMD+E then click on the column). But there is no such notes in the timeline mode.

    One workaround (if you badly need to stay in timeline mode) would be to create an OSC data-track with "flag" activated, the insert your notes inside an OSC message. This way, you could read some notes.

    Another workaround : using text-media on a layer that is hidden. So in the properties-panel on the right, you could read your notes.

    Best. Philippe

  • YES THANKS, 2 tips that work !



  • Hello,

    You can also use a second canva with no display and use text media or picture or other all around your timeline !



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