Millumin and grandma 2

Hy guys, does anyone use millumin with grandma via MSC ? I setup my network and can PING each computer from other, network seems fine. When I try to send a test signal from Millumin, I can see it going out through the monitor window. But no signal In in the monitor of the MA. Any idea?



  • Hello @Tom,

    Are you sure you can send MIDI through the network ?

    First try to send direct MIDI (with a MIDI cable I mean) or Artnet (with a network cable) to check that your computer can reach your Grandma. Let us know the results.

    Best. Philippe

  • I'm on MA on pc, so both of the computer can communicate via the network (I ping them it was OK. Try it later with midi cable

  • Hello @Tom

    Try to use RTP MIDI software on MA pc. its free and you can get send/get MIDI through the network.

  • Great, will try that thanks

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    Did anyone ever get it running? Millumin is not sending anything to MA2.

    I can receive MSC partly. I can receive GO Commands but GO Back don't get parsed by Millumin.

    But I cannot figure out how to format Messages to send to the MA (Its not even showing up in the Monitor). It seems that GrandMa2 wants 3 decimal places, but Millumin doesn't allow to send more?

    In QLAB it works fine (also without decimals) so the cable and general setup appears to be working.

    There used to be more settings in Millumin 3, I was hoping maybe the answer lies there?

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    So far the following Commands don't seem to work:

    GO 1 / GOTO 1 / GO 1 1 1 / GO

    I send the Message from QLAB to Millumin to check if there is any difference but it seems identical. So maybe it's just not being sent out?

  • Hello @sonarkon,

    This might be an issue between Apple Silicon machines and MSC.

    I sent you a special version to test a fix.

    Best. Philippe

  • I'm also currently trying to run ma2 through milumin, but I'm not able to solve the above problem. Can you send me a special version to test a fix too???

  • I did.

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