Millumin and grandma 2

Hy guys, does anyone use millumin with grandma via MSC ? I setup my network and can PING each computer from other, network seems fine. When I try to send a test signal from Millumin, I can see it going out through the monitor window. But no signal In in the monitor of the MA. Any idea?



  • Hello @Tom,

    Are you sure you can send MIDI through the network ?

    First try to send direct MIDI (with a MIDI cable I mean) or Artnet (with a network cable) to check that your computer can reach your Grandma. Let us know the results.

    Best. Philippe

  • I'm on MA on pc, so both of the computer can communicate via the network (I ping them it was OK. Try it later with midi cable

  • Hello @Tom

    Try to use RTP MIDI software on MA pc. its free and you can get send/get MIDI through the network.

  • Great, will try that thanks

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