which Mac laptop without eGPU?


What mac laptop for a fairly basic use of millumin in a theatre, 1 single VP 1920x1200, and photo and video processing and the use of many timelines in different Dashboards?

Should I wait for a new Mac to arrive?

Thank you for the answer


  • Hello @Emmanuel,

    Here is my point of view :

    • If you want the cheapest machine possible, you can buy a second-hand MacBookPro (Retina or Touchbar).
    • If you prefer a more recent machine, the MacBookPro M1 13'' is great but limited to only one external display (of course, you can use a Datapath FX4 to get more displays). You can find a refurbished one for around 1200€.
    • If you want a more flexible machine, the new MacBookPro M1 Pro 14'' or 16'' may be a good choice.

    Best. Philippe


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