3 Live camera projection mapping using millumin.

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Hello, i have a few question

I am building a system for live cinema performances.

First, edge blending will be performed using two projectors, and then projected onto the screen made on stage.

After projection mapping the edge-blended screen to fit the screen, we plan to create a live cinema by replacing three cameras.

What I'm curious about here is that I want to change the surface of the mapping when I transmit the screen of camera 1 to the screen and switch to the screen of camera 2. Is there a way? In other words, I hope that the screen size of camera 1 and the screen size of camera 2 will be different, and sometimes the size of camera 1 will change according to the queue.

In this case, is there only a way to press the cue with the switch button and finger at the same time? Is there a solution that can combine switching and other mapping?

Lastly, I'm planning to use item mini-switcher and ultra-studio mini-recorder for my setup.


  • Hello @ztlseok,

    You can animate the mapping with states in the dashboard (or with keyframes in the timeline). See this tutorial for more info.

    Best. Philippe

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    Thank you for your advice.

    However, my work should be to switch the camera according to the actor's acting in real time on the stage, and the area of mapping should be changed according to the timing of switching.

    In other words, the error in queue time may fly up to 5 minutes.

    The solution I'm looking for is how the area of the mapping can change at the same time, that is, how the queue automatically goes over when switching cameras to item mini pro.

    Generation cameras are connected to the switch, and there is only one capture card.

    We are eagerly looking for a solution that matches the timing of switching the camera and the timing of the millumin's queue by pressing the switch button.

  • Hello @ztlseok,

    Sorry, I do not understand what you want to do.

    If you want to control your ATEM remotely with Millumin, you can check the latest beta that support ATEM control in data-track.

    Best. Philippe

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