Cuing Timelines

Hey there,

I'm looking for a way to cue a timeline to a specific segment from an OSC command while that timeline is in a layer of a Board. It seems that the command:  will cue the segment, but only when you are in the timeline window. It doesn't seem to work when a timeline is in a layer of a board. What I need to do is keep a column rolling on one output and be able to select any segment of the timeline (independent of column) to another output. My workaround now is to stay in edit board mode, select the timeline media and change the segment in the "custom segment" menu, however I'm syncing 2 machines and would like to do via OSC command so I can change with 1 button punch using Octopus or Companion.




  • Hello @SteveO,

    Indeed, the OSC message /action/goToTimelineSegment is only available when editing the timeline (see OSC documentation).

    The property "custom segment"( of a timeline media in the dashboard) is not meant to be dynamically changed. Instead, you should place distinct medias on several columns, each running a specific segment. More info in this tutorial. However, I understand this is not what you want to achieve.

    Another solution would be to set the "custom segment" as "whole timeline", then use the OSC message /selectedLayer/media/time to jump at the right point of your timeline. You can also set "cues" (see "cues" button in the time-panel on the right of the dashboard) at a specific time, then recall it via OSC (just create a simple interaction, CMD+M).

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks Philippe,

    The jump to point worked for this show. Cues unfortunately affected all layers in the Column so I couldn't use it as it would jump my other layers as well.


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