Single Button controlled by the audience


For an project the audience have to start the vidéo show by pushing a single button. If they push again, the video don't have to restart again util the end.

How I can do this?

I'm also looking for good button in midi or art-net or anything...

thanks a lot in advance



  • Hello @Peppino,

    The easiest solution is to create an interaction on the column.

    See attached project (press A on your keyboard) :

    Best. Philippe

  • ah! in fact it was very simple! I thought that this way, every time we relaunched the column, the media played from the start .... but not, that perfect !

    one more question: how can I configure to launch a column at a specific time? example: lauch column1 at 20:00

  • Hello @Peppino,

    You can use a "scheduler" interaction : open the interaction panel (CMD+M) then click the "+" button to create one.

    Best. Philippe

  • that's great! it's to easy with Millumin !

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