Best configuration for 4 videoprojectors and 1 one computer

Hello ! First of all sorry for my english if it's bad sometimes !!

For a show I have to use 4 videoprojectors : 3 which are sometimes linked (not always) like one big screen and 1 which is independant (directed on the floor)

I have an iMac (27" 5K (Mi-2017) Core i7 4,2 GHz with a Radeon pro 570) with 2 thunderbolt (with an USB C connection)

So I was wondering if I could use two hdmi splitters (thunderbolt USB C to 2 Hdmi) and then connect the 4 videoprojectors by hdmi. In that case Will I have the possibility to use each screen independently or would it recopy my computer screen ?

Will millumin allow me to make a canvas with each videoprojector (and one canvas with 3 linked) ?

Or there is a limit for the number of external screens in the computer, even if I manage to have 4 HDMI ports with the splitters ?

Thank you very much and sorry if it's not crystal clear !!!



  • Hello @Manon,

    Acccordidng to Apple's documentation here, the iMac can only support 2 external displays.

    However, I do think it is because there is only 2 Thunderbolt ports. With a dual-HDMI dock such as this one, you should be able to reach your goal. Of course, only a test could confirm this, but I see no limitation with your graphic card.

    Alternatively, a Datapath FX4 could be the solution (it splits a 4K resolution into 4 x HDMI outputs, the advantage being to guarantee that all outputs are perfectly frame-sync). But this may be more expensive than 2 dual-HDMI docks.

    Best. Philippe

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