ISF for recording / playback video from camera (aka Video Sampler)

Hello all

Is anyone aware of an ISF effect for recording and playback of video from a live source (i.e. a camera)?

I'm looking for an ISF effect that takes camera input and records the video frames on the GPU, and then allows controllable (speed, direction, ...) playback from those frames.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



  • Hello @Batchku,

    ISF can have a maximum of 15 frames of buffering. So it's not suitable for sampling, sorry.

    Best. Philippe

  • For anyone else trying to do something like this, I created a lightweight but highly optimized C++ application in OpenFrameworks that can record/playback an arbitrary number of layers of video loops, all GPU based, and stream those loops out over Syphon for another application (Millumin) to grab and present. It includes OSC input for both controlling the recording/playback and passing OSC over to Millumin to scale/opacity/position/...

  • Thank you for this project Ali !

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