Snap Camera as an input for Millumin


I'd like to use the Snap Camera app virtual output

as an input for Millumin, it shows in list but no image...

Snap Camera virtual output works fine with OBS...

I found nothing about it in the forum, is there a solution ?

thank you !



  • Hello @ldoiz,

    I tested the Snap Camera with various applications, it does not work in most cases. Especially it does not work properly with Quicktime.

    Does it work with Quicktime on youor computer ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello Millumin,

    not working in QT unfortunately ,

    not in some other apps, only working in OBS...

    best regards


  • Hello @ldoiz,

    Maybe OBS is using an older library that works with SnapCamera. However, it doesn't work well with Quicktime, this would be the same with Millumin.

    Did you contact SnapCamera support about this issue (I mean between SnapCamera and Quicktime) ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello @ldoiz,

    Just to let you know that the SnapCamera is now supported in Millumin V4.

    Despite using strange behavior (probably because using a very old system), we found a solution for this kind of virtual devices.

    Best. Philippe

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