Adding/Subtracting Columns in the Middle of the Dashboard

edited September 2021 in MAIN

Is there a way to insert/delete a column in the middle of the dashboard instead of adding one at the end and shifting everything to the right manually, leaving a few blank placeholders, adding the new content and then using Remove Empty Columns?

I could swear I remember seeing a tutorial or video explaining how to do it, but I could be mistaken.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • Hello @BChil,

    Yes : edit your bard (CMD+E) then click on the "gear" icon on the column you wanna remove, and use the button "remove".

    You can also insert a column from there : use the "<" and ">" button, and if needed, maintain ALT to copy instead of insert (see "i" icon for more info).

    Best. Philippe

  • I knew I saw that somewhere but didn't remember where. My workaround was terribly clunky...


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