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Hello, I wonder what the capture card to show you guys to work with live input from millumin.

example: I would pick up the signal from another computer and can map.

sorry for the english, because I used google translator.




  • Hello @digowmarques,

    Blackmagic card are the best : they got very good performances, and Millumin supports them natively.
    For example the Intensity Shuffle or the Intensity Pro.

    Best. Philippe
  • thanks, Philippe! =)
  • Another way to get a video signal from another computer can be to use JitnetSyphon (
    This app has to be used over the network (obviously way better with direct 1Gb/s link over Ethernet) and you get almost no delay.
    The principle: on the mac with content to be streamed, configure and launch Syphon2Jitnet, on the mac with Millumin, use Jitnet2Syphon. This way you get your Syphon feed from the first computer directly available in the Millumin on the other Mac.
    It works well at first glance but still need to be tested and overtested, but I think it could be a simple, cheap (JitnetSyphon is opensource/free) and efficient way to share content betweens Mac.
  • Hello,
    The BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle 2 versions are compatible (USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt ™)?
  • Hello @everton,

    Both cards are natively supported by Millumin. However the USB 3 version drivers are in beta.
    Please contact Blackmagic support for more information.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks, Philippe :D
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