Key Problems for Scale Property after split

I've been running into this issue with the Scale property. I want to splie to X/Y AND be able to key both. It seems when you split and then key, it only adjusts the value of one of the keys and doesn't tell you which either. Curious if there's a reason for this - feels weird to split and not be able to key both X and Y independently.

For the heck of it, posted to a similar question.


  • Hello @TheMcBe,

    Indeed, if you treat X/Y scale separately, there is no way to animate the Y scale separately as well. The reason is that this case is not managed, sorry. Nobody never requested this, as this is a very special case (animating scale while having separated the X/Y scale).

    A workaround is to animate the "mapping" instead.

    What is your use case ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Aaaaah... That's funny! I've been wanting/attempting to use it in cases where we have a live host in a Luma Mask in rectangle format, then animate it and the host to a different position in a square format. By scalling the width of the Luma Mask, it allows me to fit the host on screen in a dynamic way with side by side content. So, I'm simple cropping the sides and keeping the host nicely in frame.

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