SPD SX trouble midi connection


j'essaye de lancer les clips via le spd sx (Rolland).

-je lance "interactions learning"

  • apparaît : MIDI CH1/N64 launch column#1 ; action switch ou toggle
  • une fois "close" il ne se passe rien quand je tape sur le PAD du spd en question.
  • Avez vous une solution pour que cela fonctionne ?

Merci par avance.



  • Hello @jserie,

    In your interaction, if you select a "switch" or "toggle" transformer, there must be a MIDI change to execute the interaction : I mean Millumin should receive a MIDI note with a value above 64 (press the button) then a MIDI note with a value under 64 (release the button).

    If you do not want such a behavior, select "none" or "linear" as the transformer, so Millumin will execute the interaction whatever MIDI note/value it received.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : I replied in English, so other people can follow the conversation. If you want to speak French with us, please contact us via email.

  • Hi Philippe, I have tried the 4 options "switch", "toggle", "none", "linearity" but none of them work. The midi message is received but the triggering does not work. is it incompatible with the spd sx?

  • Hello @jserie,

    Yes, Millumin should be compatible with your Roland SPD-SX.

    What do you want to control ? Did you try with the "go to next column" button ?

    Please take some screenshot of your interaction-panel as well as the monitor/logs. Thank you.

    Best. Philippe

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