No sound with Syphon recorder

Hello Philippe,

I export my video project with syphon recorder, the image is good but i have no sound, could you help me?

The sound of my project comes from a clip Mp4 the codec is AAC, H264


  • Hello @AlainKilar,

    This is normal : Syphon only shares video frames, not audio.

    If you want to export your project to a MP4 file, the easiest solution is to create a timeline then expoort it directly from Millumin.

    Best. Philippe

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    'm new to Millumin, and after watching the tutorials, I can'Thank you for your answer.

    It achieve what I want: I'm working on an installation, the columns must trigger on a precise timing commanded by the soundtrack, then the sequence must resume early after a 20 minute break. I tried with a timecode interaction with times to move to the next column but I'm missing something ... Can you help me please?

  • Sorry about my answer, i wanted to thank you !

    Best regards,


  • Hello @AlainKilar,

    I think you should use a timeline in this case.

    You can drive this timeline with a timecode, see this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thank you Philippe

    Alain :)

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