I've a problem with a midi pad.

I try to launch some column beating on the pad.

when I assign the midi channel in Interaction panel, Millumin recognize the signal (MIDI CH10/N38) but the second time I beat it nothing happens. there is no signal appearing in the transform window.

But sometime (1 time each 20/30 times) it works...

I precise that the monitor panel recognize each time I beat.

I tried also another midi controller (like keystation MIDI 32) and Millumin works well!

I precise also in other softwares (like garage band). the pad works well.

Do you know how I can resolve this issue?

Have a good way!



  • Hello @clanacav,

    Be sure the button sends a different value depending if it is pressed or released. Or change the "transformer" in the interaction, so it is not a "switch" any more.

    Indeed, if "switch" is selected, Millumin would need a change in value to execute the action.

    Best. Philippe

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