Glypheo NDI output on Mac M1


I have a macbook air M1 ( big sur OS ) running glypheo connected to a millumin on a local network and i cant see the ndi output of my panel.

Did someone experienced that ?

Is it due to the M1 chip ?

i tried with a macbook intel and it worked, iam worried because i bought the macbook air just for that application...

Thank you


  • Hello @dada,

    Glypheo 1.36 was released just after the first Apple M1 machines shipped, and is an universal application optimized both for Intel and M1. But at this time, NDI library was not optimized for M1, so NDI is disabled when running Glypheo in Apple M1 one. This is the only limitation.

    Now, the version 1.37 uses the latest NDI library that is now optimized for Apple M1.

    In brief : please update.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi

    Thank you for your answer i am gonna update.

    I launched the 1.36 with rosetta II and it worked.

    Thank you for your promptness as usual.

  • Hello i have a similar problem could you please help me.

    I ran Glypheo as NDI input in mac mini with M1 chip running Millumin without any problems from an older macbook.

    Now switching to a new macbook with big sur it no longer works.

    What could be the problem?

  • So i can also see the NDI input, as if everything is fine, but there is no panel output from Glypheo showing.

    From the older Macbook this works immediately.

    the macbook running glypheo (version 1.38) is running mac OS big sur11.5.2

    (the old macbook 2013 where everything works immediately is running Mojave)

    the mac mini running the Millumin project is running Big sur 11.5.1

  • We tried with yet another mac running Sierra, also no panel visible when the NDI input is put into a layer.

    So the NDI does show up in the inputs on the mac mini running Millumin.

    Only difference we can see is that the Mac that CAN show glypheo runs 1.36 the two macbooks where it does not show the panel run 1.38

    Thanks for the help!

  • Hello @ecco,

    Glypheo 1.38 is an universal application, optimized for both Intel and M1 machines. The NDI library is also optimized this way, so you should not have a problem.

    On your M1 machine, select then press CMD+I and activate "open using Rosetta". Restart Glypheo and tell me if it changes something.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe thanks for your reply. Unfortunately this is no solution, both newer macbooks do not have an M1 chip (the 2 ones that we tried to run glypheo from) and do not run "Rosetta"

  • It is only the mini which runs the Millumin that is an M1 machine

    only from the older macbook (so in total there's 3 mac we tried running glypheo from)

    that has version 1.36 it works

    The other two macbooks are not M1

    they do not have rosetta

    the NDI source of glypheo shows up in millumin

    but there is no panel output


  • Hello @ecco,

    Sorry, but I am not sure to understand : you are running Glypheo and Millumin on 2 different Intel machines (not Apple M1), but the NDI does not work. Am I right ?

    First of all, be sure you are running latest version of Glypheo (1.38) and Millumin (3.18.o).

    Then, check that you can run Glypheo and Millumin on the same machine and use NDI.

    If ok, try with 2 separate machines for Glypheo and Millumin.

    Let us know the results. Philippe

  • Hi I'm running glypheo 1.39 on mac intel i9 os 10.15.7 catalina

    the distant mac is a M1 pro on os 12.3.1 montery, running millumin 4.16.e,

    glypheo runs there fine on same computer,

    but when i'm running it from the intei i got nothing on millumin the M1,

    firewall deactivated, should we authorize something in "sharings" macos parameter?

    are my osc to old? is the wifi excluded for this?


  • Hello @BenNid,

    I tested such a workflow (2 separate computers, one Intel, one M1) and everything works fine.

    I recommend you to test your network, especially to test that you can receive NDI feeds on both computers (there is nothing to change in macOS Preferences / Sharing for this purpose).

    Best. Philippe

  • thanks, i'll try with cable network, cos with wifi (create computer network ) it's not working,

    although i god ndi hx cam and viewer working on both computer...

  • edited July 2023

    Hi Philippe,

    on same configuration I tried with cable network,

    both on static and dhcp ip s

    and I can receive NDI HX cam on both,

    the 2019 i9 can receive the M1 ndi Chanel of glypheo

    but the contrary , M1 receiving intel s NdI of glypheo doesn’t work at all.

    thanks for your help

  • Maybe an os update needed?

  • Hello @BenNid,

    I tested this workflow and it works fine. I doubt that a macOS update would do anything.

    There are tools on NDI website here to run some tests.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hello,

    One of my student has a macbook pro M1 and he can't use NDI with Madmapper, Millumin V4, NDI tools. He can't see any sources.

    But with Millumin V3, he can see all NDI sources...

    We reinstall NDI tools, Millumin V4. No issues...

    Very strange...


  • Hi, just a thought.

    Did you also install NDI|HX driver for Mac ?

  • Dear Philippe, dear all,

    i reinstalled NDI hx drivers and NDI tools without any improvement,

    Running NDI video monitor doesn't show the 2019 Mac playing Glypheo on the M1 either

    the only solution I found is to get the Intel 2019 Mac image from Glypheo into milllumin on same computer,

    then route it to "NDI with Alpha" millumin output and it finally appears as NDI source on the M1,

    so I'm safe for now ;-) But I don't know if it 's more brand with consuming to do it this way?

    but I suppose there's a pb on Glypheo NDI output, ( for info I don't see NDI output without Alpha on distant computer, does Glypheo uses this way?


  • Hello @BenNid,

    You should test your workflow with "NDI Test Patterns" and "NDI Video Monitor" only. If the problem persists with these applications, the problem may be the network.

    For info Glypheo uses NDI 4.6 and Millumin NDI 5.5, but this should not make any difference.

    Best. Philippe

  • Dear Philippe @Millumin ,

    NDI test pattern on 2019 is received by M1 millumin,

    Ndi Video Monitor on M1 doesn't receive 2019's glypheo,

    unless i use millumin on 2019 and play its Glypheo there then ouptut it via NDI with Alpha,

    once again without alpha doe'sn work , i'm wondering if the problem could come from there...

  • Hello @BenNid,

    This is maybe a bug in NDI 4.6 that have been fixed since then.

    Next version of Glypheo will run NDI 5.5 (no release date to give).

    Best. Philippe

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