VISCA Control for PTZ Cameras

The production I am working on got a Marshall CV730 PTZ Camera, unfortunately not the NDI variant. Does anyone know of a way to use VISCA over IP in order to control the PTZ Parameters and Presets? Max/MSP solutions would also be welcome. Maybe this is also a bit of an addition to the feature request that got answered by implementing these features for NDI Cameras.


  • Hello @sonarkon,

    If you have a StreamDeck, Companion is supporting VISCA over IP.

    Also, the Companion's module is open-source, so you can browse the code here. This show what are the bytes to send depending on the message.

    If you want to use Max/MSP, this may be useful to create your own module. This may also be useful if you want to use Millumin's data-track.

    Best. Philippe

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