More Outings and codec problem.

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Hello, I would like to take a doubt, someone would have some solution over video outputs? at least an 8 DVI outputs? and another doubt tmb see that millumin has video converter to photo-jpeg, so that most of the time the video is worse than the codec that the file is already found, for example, mpeg, h264 and tals, and arrives to crash the application and that forcing your foreclosure!

sorry for the bad English, I used google translator


  • Hello @paulozinga,

    Please do not use Google Translator : it's very hard to understand your message.
    You can rather write me a message via email (

    To reply to your questions :
    • At least an 8 DVI outputs ?
      It will be difficult to run so many outputs on a single computer.
      You should use several computers synchronzed with SimpleSync.

    • Problem when converting files with the "Optimize" button ? (I suppose ...)
      Please write me an email (, so we can dig this strange issue.

    Best. Philippe

  • will the board NVIDIA NVS 510 is compatible with hackintosh? know someone inform me?
  • Hello @paulozinga,

    The rule is simple : if a graphic card is supported by OSX, it will work perfectly with Millumin. However, I doubt the NVIDIA NVS 510 is supported by OSX, as no Mac is using it.
    I think you should ask this question on specialized forums, such as You will find useful informations.

    Best. Philippe
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