Audio Reactive Parameters - Step by step setup using Loopback

Hi there,

Hoping someone could provide some insight in setting up an audio reactive parameter in Millumin 3 and Rogue Aomeba's Loopback. I've tried several configurations and nothing seems to be correct.

Audio in timeline driving a DMX light dimmer control as well as a media layer's opacity.

cheers in advance


  • Hello @djdaveyj,

    If you want to assign an audio interaction to a layer's opacity :

    • press CMD+M to map interaction
    • select the control to change the opacity of your layer (a yellow contour will appear)
    • click the "+" button in the interaction panel, then "audio" interaction
    • choose the audio "input" for your interaction : you can try with the microphone for example

    If you want to use Loopback, select this input. Of course, be sure to send some audio from another software into the Loopback input.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thank you very much Philippe. One quick follow up question. Can i setup loopback or even a piece of audio in the Millumin timeline to be the audio reactive source to another layer in the same timeline. Apologies for the rather pedestrian question. I LOVE the software!

  • Hello @djdaveyj,

    To do so :

    • add a layer to play your audio file
    • open audio-routing for this media (click the button "audio-routing" or press CMD+U)
    • set audio-routing to Loopback
    • create an audio interaction as explained in my previous message

    Best. Philippe

  • Thank you much for the response. Unfortunately, nothing seems to be yielding any results. Trying to use the "calibrate" and "learn limits" and not seeing any interactions taking hold. I'll keep trying to figure it out. Using latest Beta if that makes a difference.

  • Hello @djdaveyj,

    Are you sure you send some audio in Loopback's virtual device ? For example use VLC (go into Audio menubar to output to Loopback specifically).

    I just tested Loopback with an audio interaction, and this works fine :

    Best. Philippe

  • I'm fairly certain. I've set Millumin up to be loopback's audio source. Will attempt again. Thank you for staying on this thread with me.

  • Hello @djdaveyj,

    You should not mention Millumin in Loopback, this is for a different purpose (capturing Millumin's audio typically). For audio interaction, you should use Loppback simply as a virtual input/output device. My configuration looks like this :

    Be sure to check Loopback's documentation and tutorial.

    Best. Philippe

  • Still trying. Just not seeing any waveforms no matter how close I match to your settings. I'm using a macbook pro, but that shouldn't be an issue, right?

    Passt-thru to 1 or 2 (channel)

    In Millumin, audio in timeline, layer to be affected in timeline. following your instructions.

    Strange. I'll keep trying.

  • Hello @djdaveyj,

    First, be sure that you can use your microphone with an audio interaction : can you ?

    Best. Philippe

  • Great question. And the answer is No. I am not seeing any waveforms from internal microphone no matter the settings or using loopback or not.

    frustrating to say the least. Any other suggestions. Should i roll back a build on millumin?

  • Hello @djdaveyj,

    When starting Millumin for the first time, it asks for an authorization to record audio.

    If you press NO, you then need to authorize Millumin in macOS's System Preferences / Security & Privacy / Privacy / Microphone.

    Best. Philippe

  • Respectively

    Voilà. That worked perfectly! Merci. Thank you so much for helping me through it.

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