MIDI Key from Ableton Live to Millumin (N - CC)

Hi ppl here - I am new here.

I've been trying to find how I can map midi signal from Ableton Live to Millumin. The problem is that when I send Midi key from ableton,, it's always starts with N- (forexample ableton Live F3 key recognized as N65 on Millumin)

When I try to set it manually on Millumin, it automatically corrects as CC, and I cannot set Nxx.

I have so many midi key to map, and it will be so much easier for me if I can make this manually set on Millumin, so I don't have to send each midi key to set a ques..

Let me know when someone has tips for me!


  • Hello @nsk,

    I just tried and it works correctly (using notes, not CC). Here is my configuration in Ableton :

    I am using a MIDI track :

    Then in Millumin, I can bind create an interaction from Ableton's notes :

    More info about interactions in this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe

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