Control Millumin via OSC string in console EOS ti ETC


after adressing well Millumin on Macpro to receive OSC signal from the EOS ti light console, we send a "ping" from EOS and we found the macpro.

But ( after write a string to launchcolumn [1] ) nothing happen...(do we have to enter the interaction mode like in midi to attribuate

Any one have do this type of thing ?

We have two network.

One is for control a Barko shutter with artnet (data track) and the other to synchronise Millumin with the consol via OSC.

Do you think that is better to do this with artnet ?

Thanks you for your attention.


  • Hello @nikola,

    If you want to use Millumin OSC API, you need to send an OSC message with address /action/launchColumn and parameter 7 (where 7 is the index of the column you wanna launch).

    If you want to use Artnet, you need to create an interaction (CMD+M) per column you wanna launch.

    Be sure to open the Monitor/Logs (see "Window" menubar) to check that you are receiving OSC or Artnet from your light console.

    I recommend you to use only one network at first. Then you can connect a second network (you can set the network interface for Artnet, from the device-panel, CMD+K).

    Best. Philippe

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