MacPro 2 Ethernet output

Hello, I work actually with a Macpro from 2013 with two ethernet outputs and it seems that we see only the first ethernet port in Millumin.

We can control a Barco beamer thru Millumin / data track or keybaord DMX track via the first ethernet port.

We can control the Barco beamer thru google page via both ethernet ports.

What we try to do is :

Recieving OSC from the light console to send cues in Millumin and in some cues the shutter is closed thru data track.

But the light is on a manual address very specific which doesn't seem to work for the beamer so we try to have a net for Millumin / beamer and a net for Millumin / light.

Is it possible to have 2 different nets because in the Manage device / OSC, I see only one local IP ?




  • To be exact, If I have nothing on ethernet 1 and the beamer on ethernet 2, I can control it also thru Millumin.

    The problem is only when I have something on ethernet 1 and the beamer on ethernet 2.


  • Hello @FredLaFA,

    There is no setting with OSC to send to a send to a specific network (or receive OSC from a specific network). Millumin uses the default one, the one used for internet probably. Did you try to use "ethernet 1" for your beamer and "ethernet 2" for your lights.

    However, if you use Artnet, you can specify which network interface should be used : go to the device-panel (CMD+K) then choose DMX tab.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks.

    We found a solution by using the unicast option in the manage device, we've been able to control the beamer even on ethernet 2 with Light on ethernet 1.

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