UDP / ADB Lighting

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Hi guys,

I will have to use an ADB Hathor OS lighting console for a few gigs.


For now, I was using an Avab lighting console. I was sending messages from Millumin via OSC, for example :

 /actionmacro "GO PB,6" (thanks Philippe)

The Hathor manual is not very explicit about UDP messages it is expecting, and their forum / contact are down...

If possible, I'd like to keep my OSC data track because I use the flag function, and just modify the address.

For what I understand from the manual, I have to create an UDP event and put whatever message I want to use to trigger it "GO PB,6" for example. But I don't know what would happen with the address part of the OSC message...

Does anyone ever give it a try ?



  • Hello @hyll,

    The documentation doesn't mention OSC at all, so I think that UDP communication is only about sending "strings". Consequently, rather choose "string" mode for your data-track rather than "OSC" to check the communication with your lighting console.

    Then if everything is working in "string" mode, try with "OSC" mode (keeping /actionmacro as the address may be sufficient). Unfortenatly, only the manufacturer would be able to answer such specific questions I guess. I'm sure they have some way to contact their support.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks Philippe,

    I'd like to use Flags, that's why I'd prefer using OSC than String.

    I'll give this a try, we'll see...


  • For info, the "flags" option is planned to be implemented in other modes than "OSC". It should come in the beta in the next months.

  • Thanks for that 🤞

    Just a quick confirmation, I was playing with some UDP strings.

    Is it the correct behaviour that, in the log, the different strings are shown in the Address column and not in the Values column ? (I'm just confused).

  • Hello @hyll,

    Yes, this is the expected behavior : there is only a few columns to represent several kind of protocol, so "address" is bit the default location to show event's information.

    Best. Philippe

  • Fine by me, thanks

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