Datapath setup

Hello everyone. I have a question regarding using a Datapath FX4 and an M1 MAC Mini.

I have 4 BenQ projectors that run at 1024 x 768 pixels. Distributed eaually to cover a 10meter x 3 meter screen.

So there will be 3 soft edges.

The question I have is anyone know the settings that should be set in Wall Designer and how best to set the Outputs in Millumin?

If I use an advanced Output I can't find the edgeblending setting but when I set a horizontal theses appear but it seems hard to correctly make a good blend.

Any ideas or advice is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards. J


  • Also. I would like to add that I'm running an Apple USB C to HDMI adapter i to the input in the FX4.

    When I tried to use a USB C to Displayport the 4 1920x1080 individual outputs did not appear in Millumin.

  • Hello @MSTJC,

    Did you read this tutorial about soft-edge ? If you are beginning with soft-edge, I strongly suggest you to start with 2 projectors to understand the process. Keep in mind that a soft-edge will never be perfect;

    Regarding the Datapath FX4 : usually, you should use the standard settings, so the FX4 is detected as a 3840x2160 monitor. Then Millumin will propose you to output full resolution (3840x2160) or to a specific quarter (1920x1080).

    Also in your case, the FX4 should conform the 4 HDMI outputs to 1024x768 (as requested by your projectors) : alse, you can do so with Datapath Wall Designer.

    Best. Philippe

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