Scale and brightness

Greetings! Im new to millumin, but we heave a show which gonna be tonight. 

So my question is: 

When I'm changing layer's scale it depends on picture brightness on a screen.

I mean that Im do change to scale for example from 100% to 30% and brightness of the picture also changing from 100 to 30% 

Is it possible to change just a scale ?

Is it normal ? How to scale picture/video (doesn't matter) without losing brightness of it ? 


  • Hello @avdev,

    I am not sure to understand : as a videoprojector projects light, if your image is smaller, less light will be projected, and the resulting image will look less bright.

    Maybe, you can adjust your image by adding a "level" or "brightness/contrast" effect on your layer.

    If your problem is different, please record a short video showing the issue.

    Best. Philippe

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