Video mapping w/lighting activation by sensor

Hello guys! I am working in a AV project where I would like to set up 4 video proyectors and a lighting system, there is not trouble for the moment, but things are getting tricky when I want to install a proximity sensor ( any brand recomendation??? ) the final goal would be something like once the night comes the video proyectors start the show and when somebody walks close to our sensor, the video projectors go down and the lighting system starts during 5 minutes, then it goes down again and video proyectors come up until the show finish in the morning, everything working by itself.

Do you guys know if would be posible to make this scenario with Millumin?

Thanks so much!!


  • Hello @VictorVS,

    I guess you would need an Arduino with a proximity sensor. You can find a lot or resources on internet, such as this one that is quite complete.

    This can be easily integrated in Millumin as an interaction : read this tutorial for more information.

    Best. Philippe

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