Multi caméra / multi Video projector advice

Hello everybody,

For a theater project i have a setup like this

  • 1 computer with Millumin
  • 1 camera hdmi output
  • 1 go pro hdmi outpout
  • 2 video projectors

My goal is to manage to videoproject the gopro's video and camera's video on each screen, or one video on the two screen at the same time, and i want to switch projection between the two screens, even mix with some pre recorded video on the computers.

My problem is that i'm a little bit confuse on how manage to do this. I thought about buying 2 x ATEM blackmagic, and 2x splitter HDMI for each camera, but i'm not sure if i even can connect two VPs on one computer ? What tool could make a kind of hub, with physical buttons, because everything playing live on stage at the the same time filming. (sorry for my english i'm better at understanding than writing..)

Thanks a lot !!


  • Hello @loursunik,

    From what I understand, you need to capture 2 cameras, and project video to 2 projectors.

    To capture a camera, you need a capture device such as a Blackmagic Mini Recorder. Some devices can capture multiple camera at the same time, but using 2 small devices may be enough for you. Be sure to ask manufacturer support if you have any doubt.

    Most of the computers are able to manage 2 or more video outputs out-of-the-box, so I think your computer should be able to do so. Simply plug 2 additional HDMI monitors to test this out. If you really need to use only one video port on your computer, there is a list of multi-display devices here (but once again, I do not think you would need this).

    Then, you can use Millumin to mis the captured camera with movie files, as well as a MIDI controller to have buttons and faders to manage your show.

    Best. Philippe

  • Thanks a lot Philippe !

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