Shutter control - Data Track - Barco F90-W13

Hello, I need to manage the shutter of my barco, but I cannot find the correct command via string mode.

I saw the other post on the forum, but my Barco does not take the hex code

I got the list of orders from the barco site ( ) but I don't really understand ...

thank you in advance for your solutions!


  • Hello @Damien,

    What string are you sending to your Barco (what is the string in the data-track) ?

    From the documentation you provide, you must connect your server to your projector via the port 9090.

    Then, you can send the string {"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "system.poweroff"} to switch off your projector for example. This string has a special format called JSON, but this is a simple string anyway.

    If you still cannot control your projector : did Barco provide you with method to control the projector ? Maybe a command in the terminal ? If so, please tell us which one.

    Best. Philippe

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    So I tried to send the string but nothing happens

    Here is my server config with the ip address of the barco:

    and the config of the tada track (I do not know if the value of the range is good 0-1):

    did i do something wrong here?

    and for information, all the config of my network is good, and I communicate well with the vp via web browser...

    I will contact barco to see if they can provide me with anything other than the pdf of my first post.

  • Hello @Damien,

    According to documentation, the mode should be TCP (not UDP).

    Press the button "send test" to quickly test your data-track (the value does not matter because it is not used in the message).

    If you still cannot control your projector : please ask Barco support about the method to use, especially if they have a Terminal command for testing purposes.

    Let us know the results. Philippe

  • It still does not work, and Barco have nothing more to offer me... however the VP supports ARTNET, so I opted for this solution which is simpler!

    Thanks for the assistance!

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