Touch millumin start/stop Timeline

Hey you all,

i got. Touch osc connected and some of the function work (opacity), but stat\stop timeline won’t work

any advice on how to get this started.

do I have to programme this in the Editor?




  • Hello @pele2010,

    Be sure to use the V2 template, more info on this tutorial here.

    I just tested with Millumin V2 and V3, and this works fine.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi, Philippe,

    V3 I am working with-

    Any other Setting that I can turn on and off?

    There are many Key´s responsive but not the (timeline Start/stop),

    which for beginners is kind of the first thing we experience.

    How can I check the settings of the app?

  • Hello @pele2010,

    Did you follow carefully all the steps in the tutorial ? Especially using the template TouchMillumin_V2_iPhone.touchosc (not TouchMillumin_V1_iPhone.touchosc) ?

    If the problem persists, check directly with OSCTestApp here and OSC message /action/playOrPauseTimeline (more info about OSC messages here).

    Best. Philippe

  • Hey Philipe,

    I. made a video :

    I am using version V2

  • Hey Philippe,

    I also checked the wording of the "Button" and it seems to be correct.

    • All in low capitals but the correct syntax: /action/playOrPauseTimeline

    Can there be a situation, where the dissolve works and the rest does not?

    Do I need to map the button to the space key?

    thanxs Peter

  • Hello @pele2010,

    This is the expected behavior : you have to edit a timeline to play/pause this timeline. This does not work in the dashboard.

    If you want to start/stop a media (I mean any media) in the dashboard, please use the OSC message /MyLayer/startOrPauseMedia (see the OSC documentation).

    Best. Philippe

  • Hey Philippe,

    I would like to start and forward the media that we positioned in the Dashboard.

    Is there a command for the Dashboard?

    This would be the "space" key

    Can I assign the space key to the play/stop button?



  • Hello @pele2010,

    Sorry, I do not understand : do you want to use TouchOSC or your keyboard ?

    If you want to assign SPACE to start/stop a specific media : simply open the interactions (CMD+M), select your media and press SPACE. This will assign this key to start/stop this media. Be sure to read this tutorial to learn more.

    Of course, you can assign SPACE to other features of Millumin, such as the "pause" button, located in the time-panel (on the right of the dashboard, click the "<" button to show it).

    By the way, interactions also works with TouchOSC : use a generic templates provided par TouchOSC for example (not a template from Millumin because it uses special OSC messages from OSC API).

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe,

    I want to remote the dashboard - space - button- So that if i press the button on the iPad the next clip in the dashboard starts.

    We are just using the dashboard function and not the timeline.

    Sorry for the confusion. For me something that goes from one clip to the next is a timeline.

    I just need a very basic function.

    I tested your /MyLayer/startOrPauseMedia syntax , but it doesn't remote the space key.

    I am not sture how to connect the space key with the OSC syntax.



    (I am not native speaking englisch, so for me to translate and understand all this is like double Chinese.)

  • Hello @pele2010,

    In this case, the right message is /action/launchNextColumn (see OSC documentation).

    There is such an example in "TouchMillumin_V2_iPhone.touchosc" template, see image below :

    As stated in my previous message : you can use any template for TouchOSC to create simple interactions with Millumin. Try for example the template "Beatmachine" (shipped with TouchOSC), and create an interaction on the "go to next column" button of Millumin (more info about interactions in this tutorial).

    Best. Philippe

  • Hey Philippe,

    works like sharm!


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