NDI shows white screen when no image

I am sending video output from Millumin to another computer through NDI. When I am not sending video, on a blank cue, the image is all white.

I try with another version of Millumin, with another computer and it's fine. I tried on my computer with Resolume and it's fine.

I am using the lastest version of Millumin (3.19.m) with MAC OSX Catalina.

Is there a way to correct the bug? Thank you.


  • Hello @domhawry,

    This bug is related to the beta version your are using (3.19.m). This bug is not present in official version (3.18.h).

    Anyway, this bug has been fixed for next beta update (3.19.n) that is coming very soon. Is there an emergency ?

    Best. Philippe

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