Black shadow in picture imported


I've noticed that some pictures did in Photoshop has a black shadow after importation in Millumin in a second time (not through syphon).

Can I fix it ?

The second one has a dégradé transparent whereas in Millumin, there is black in the dégradé..

Thanks for your help,



  • Hello @Pipouse,

    An image can be saved "premultiplied" or "unpremultiplied" : it changes how transparency is encoded in the image. Unfortenatly, this is not an info embed in the image file.

    In Milllumin, there is an option premultiplied in tab "current media" (see right of Millumin's interface). Use it to match how your image is encoded.

    Best. philippe

  • Hello,

    That is exactly that ! Thank you so much !



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