NDI Inputs Dropping Out


We are having issues with NDI Inputs dropping out and coming back in our Millumin Project. We have an extensive NDI Network infrastructure in our building and are not experiencing any dropouts anywhere else in the network. That being said, we think Millumin is the issue and are curious how it integrates with NDI and if there are any limitations we should be aware of when using NDI with Millumin.

  1. How often is Millumin scanning the network? We have 60+ NDI Sources on our network and Millumin is seeing them all, but they all randomly drop out, i.e. sometimes in chunks, like 10 sources at a time or sometimes just 1 at a time. See attached video. Is Millumin working too hard to actively seek out inputs and thus causing the dropouts?
  2. Is there a way to unsubscribe inputs and only have the ones we are using? We are only using 2 inputs on the network to PIP on top of backgrounds.
  3. There are multiple copies of each of the 2 inputs scattered across the project. The NDI pips come in and out as the background and presentation change. Could this be part of the problem? Doesn't seem like it would be seeing as it's the same inputs, but wanted to bring this up.

We are hoping to figure this out ASAP. Having Millumin w/NDI Sources is a huge time saver for designers and operators and simplifies/streamlines our workflow.

Let me know




  • Hello @nmorgan,

    Millumin is scanning for NDI sources every 2 seconds : there is a timeout of 1 second, so if your NDI source is not responding within one second, it's considered offline. One second is a lot for local networks.

    Technically, Millumin uses the NDI built-in function to detect such sources : it simply says if there was a change in number of available NDI sources. So I guess such changes happens constantly on your network.

    Lastly, NDI (thus Millumin) uses the machine's IP and name of NDI source to identify it on the network, and distinguish souces each other.

    I sent you a special version with a timeout of 5 seconds : let me know if it solves the issue. This could give a goood hint about the root cause.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : while this is not possible to "unsubscribe inputs", you can filter them via the field at the top of the library.

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