Locking OSC transmit

Hi all, when copying shows across to a backup machine it can become frustrating that the OSC transmit port also comes with the file. In itself it's not a problem but would it be possible to "lock" the OSC settings for a Millumin instance so that copying a new file to be run simultaneously as a backup can still easily send the correct information (eg. remaining time) to an appropriate viewer without having to reconfigure the port each time?


  • Hello @johngibson,

    I understand your use case but this is a very specific situation : unfortenatly, adding options of each situation would make Millumin's interface very inconsistent. That's why such an option is not planned for now. I hope you could understand our position.

    Moreover, I do think that your main issue is not to "lock" OSC settings, but rather to have a system updating your backup machine automatically. Am I right ?

    If so, while I cannot promise anything, this is something we've been and are thinking about. Feel free to tell your use case, so we can better understand your needs.

    Best. Philippe

  • Hi Philippe and thanks for the reply

    The use case is that I'll build, rehearse and test the show on [Device1]. Once I'm happy with it, I'll copy it over to [Device2] and run them concurrently, sometimes with Companion from another device for example - this is where I'm pulling the OSC feedback from to view the remaining time. Whilst Millumin has always been reliable and predicatble for me, I'm sure you can appreciate the requirements for backup devices. Particularly these days where it's being used to stream online broadcasts and device WAN connectivity becomes relevant as well as the LAN.

    I'd like to be able to view elapsed time for both devices for reassurance. The change to OSC out port is fairly trivial but also a nuisance in this case - especially as the copy to backup can be quite a last minute task after programming changes.

  • Hello @johngibson,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    While I don't have a solution for now, we hope to work on a backup feature in 2021.

    Best. Philippe

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